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Q: Is Walkabout Park going to stay open?

Everything we have been doing since our 2019 fire evacuation and 2020 covid shut downs has been preparing our wildlife sanctuary for whatever the world looks like when we get through this. It is tough and it is going to get tougher and nothing is guaranteed, but with our amazing team and our local community who won't give up on our animals, and the local and international support that we have been getting since the fires nearly took us out at the end of 2019, we are determined to get through this. 

Q: What are Walkabout Park's priorities right now?

Our priorities are to keep our animals fed and healthy and sheltered and their environments interesting; to keep our team safe; to keep our essential facilities going like animal heating, electricity for the fox proof fence, fresh water supplies, phone and internet, and insurances; to survive national, state-wide and local lockdowns whenever they occur; and to come up with a plan for how we will run our sanctuary when the world stabilises. We don't expect the world to be the way it was when we went into lockdown, so we must be ready for whatever it is when we get there.

Q: Is Walkabout Park getting financial help?

We are receiving a government grant to cover food and veterinary support for our animals. We have done everything we can think of to reduce our other bills. Our managers invested what we got from JobKeeper in solar heating so we can reduce our electricity consumption (and because this is good for our planet). Our rangers are volunteering extra hours to keep our wages bill down. And we're changed a lot of what we do to avoid wastage and reduce costs. We're trying to avoid borrowing money, even low- or no-interest loans, as accumulating more debt will just defer our problems to down the line when we have to repay it. We're really resourceful and we've always been really good at living within our means, so we believe we will find a way to survive the economic impacts of COVID-19. 

Q: Are things back to normal after the fires?

We learned so much from our evacuation in November 2019 and having a million hectares of fire burning for weeks just across the creek next to our fenceline. We learned that we have an amazing community here on the Central Coast. We learned that we have supporters all over the world who care about our animals as much as we do. But most of all we learned that we can survive anything as long as we're ready for a "normal" that's different from what we knew as normal before. So no, we are not back to normal the way normal was, but we are living our new normal. We are ready for anything, even for the unimaginable. Before 15 November 2019 we could never have imagined an unstoppable megafire bearing down on us. Before 12 March 2020 we couldn't imagine life in a global pandemic. We survived the one and we're getting through the other. We've become ok with anything ... bring it on!

Q: Is Walkabout Park prepared for future fire seasons?

That's a hard one. With COVID-19 and social distancing and lockdowns and no income, some of the things we had planned can't happen. Most notable is the traditional burning that we were due to start with Ngurra Gurril in 2020. We finally managed to have our first Cultural Burn in April 2021, but it will probably be 2022 before we can have the enxt one. There are too many unknowns right now, so we can't be sure. However, one extra big leap forward in fire preparedness is we used our funds raised to install a GIANT water tank which we thought would take forever to fill, but with all the rain we've been getting through November 2021, we've already half filled it. Having water on site will make a huge difference to defending our animals in situ and not having to evacuate them again.

Q: Is Walkabout Park's work to save endangered species still happening?

Yes! But as this is not a good time for fundraising, we can only work with the resources we've got. Expanding our sanctuary with additional fox-proofing is on hold for now as this is the most expensive part of our plan. But we have lots of work underway within the existing fox-proofed area, so watch this space...

UPDATE: Our brush tail rock wallaby bushfire recovery program is underway. Infrastructure has been built, partly funded by a Federal Government grant, and we expect to receive animals in February 2022. The plan is to use our wild sanctuary to help captive bred rock wallabies get used to being wild, ready for release into the big wild.

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