How to help the animals...

Tell the world our animals and rangers are still here.

And we've just launched our new virtual visits and gift cards so you can support us AND visit us wherever you are in the world.

Buy a voucher or a ticket to visit

Your voucher is like a virtual credit card. You can use it to buy any of Walkabout Park's experiences and products, and you don't have to spend it all at the same time. With our new virtual tours, you can choose whether to use your voucher to plan for the future, or you can use it right now to step through your screen to visit the animals and the rangers.

Adopt an animal

When you adopt an animal, you adopt a species, and when you adopt a species, you become part of our Walkabout Team Family helping to save all of our animals and their wild habitat. Our adoptions are very simple. We don't have packages with lots of gimmicky extras like toys you might not want, or tickets to visit for adoptive parents on the other side of the world. 100% of your adoption fee goes straight to the animals. You're welcome to browse our online shop and ticket kiosk in case there is something you want. And when you adopt, you do get the option to add on a ticket to visit at a very special price.

Follow our Facebook posts.

15 November - When the fires were first coming, only we were going through what we were going through, so I was driven to post on Facebook every day so you could know what was going on too. Now we're all experiencing the same crisis, I need to use Facebook differently. Until now, I hadn't appreciated this or worked how to use Facebook differently to give you what you need from us. I'm on to it! One of our first up will be The Great Guineapig Bath Day.

25 April - we woke up this morning to a different kind of ANZAC Day. Our animals help us to never forget.

Vegetable and fruit donations - we have most of what we need

Our animals' feed needs are very specific, and we don't have a lot of storage space. We get most of the fresh fruit and vegetables that we need (and can store) from Coles and Woolworths.

Meat donations - we really need a butcher to sponsor our meat, or to sell it to us at cost

Australia's native animals need fresh and super-lean meat. Our dingoes, quolls and Tasmanian devils appreciate donations of lean red meat like lean beef mince, cuts of beef, lean lamb and mutton, veal, kangaroo and venison. The meat can be past it's human use-by date, but it can't be fat or bones, and it can't have herbs and spices in it. We usually buy what we need, but it's really difficult to afford it right now.

Tools and stuff - if you have something you think we might need, please let us know

We can make very good use of pool fencing, colourbond fencing, tempered glass and treated wooden sleepers, as well as various tools like rakes, spades and wheelbarrows. We don't want to sound picky, but we do need things in good condition so that they will last when we use them (we work hard so our tools do too), and so they are safe to use in a public environment.

You can send an email to our Volunteers Coordinator.

Volunteers - We're in lockdown for now, but this won't be forever

Our community volunteers are integral to our team, but because of the need to maintain social distancing, at this time we are not taking less experienced people onto our team who may need close-proximity guidance on the job. However, we review our lockdown rules constantly, so circumstances may change. We will update this section with any changes.

Our volunteers work in different areas. Animal care volunteers do need relevant experience and skills, or to be currently studying Certificate III in Captive Animals, or to be currently studying for an animal-related BioScience degree. We also take volunteers in other areas including maintenance, bush care, marketing, accommodation, front of house and customer services.

If you would like to lodge your interest with us for when we start taking in new volunteers again, please tell us who you are and as much as you can about you and what you and the areas in which you are interested in helping, how many days/hours you would like to volunteer each week, how long you want to volunteer for (start and end dates), and why you would like to be a volunteer at Walkabout Park.

Please send this information in an email to our Volunteers Coordinator.

Financial donations

We don't think this is the right time to be asking for financial help from our community. Most of you are doing things as tough as we are or tougher. But if you can and if you do want to make a donation, we appreciate every dollar. We can do a lot with the price of a cup of coffee. You can donate through our new online shop on our website (launching in May, watch here for updates) or through our GoFundMe page, which I am really sorry I haven't been updating, but I will soon.

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