Wild-life inside the gates...

Come see for yourself, we've launched our virtual visits.

We've launched our virtual tours. They're perfect for families, friends, work teams and even school excursions. It's amazing how your phone or your computer literally opens doors to anywhere. You don't have to dream. Step through thte screen and come and visit us. 

Life is normal for our animals, but they are missing you. 

We care for the free-ranging wildlife and their natural wild bushland home, as well as all the animals in long term and permanent care.

A typical day in lockdown.

What's the same? Our rangers still come in every day, and some of us stay overnight, to make sure the animals have everything they need around the clock. We still do our daily animal health checks... although we check on them around the clock, we spend a few hours every morning making absolutely sure that every animal is safe and healthy and happy. We still do food preparation for the 200 or so animals that are dependent on us for their food... with more than 60 species, there are a lot of menu items to prepare. 

What's different? We are steadily working through "special projects" that are hard to do when we have visitors in the sanctuary... these include animal, and maintenance, and bush care, and Aboriginal sites care projects.

A typical morning in lockdown. 

What's different? We have our 8am morning briefing outside, sitting out on a sandstone rock shelf, or undercover in the outdoors camp kitchen if it is raining, practicing extreme social distancing. When you have 80 acres of wild bush, it's easy to stay even more than 1.5m apart. One emu length is the mininimum for social distancing!

A typical lunch-time in lockdown.

What's different? We've moved our staff tea room outside, with trestle tables and umbrellas to protect us from the sun and rain. We sit on chairs or on the ground at least 5 emu lengths apart. We can talk louder because there are no visitors in the park, so we can sit further apart and still enjoy each others' company.

A typical afternoon in lockdown.

What's different? We've always done enrichment activities with the animals, but now we do so many more. It is especially important, while our animals are not getting daily visitors to keep them entertained, that we put extra time and imagination into making sure that the animals don't get bored or depressed because our gates are closed.

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