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Visitors who don't speak English

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Walkabout Park welcomes visitors from all over the world

Whether you are from North or South America, Asia or the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Antartica, Australia or Oceania, or any of the smaller island nations of the world, our rangers would love to meet you and introduce you to the animals and bush at Walkabout Park.

The very special thing about Walkabout Park is you don't have to be able to speak English to have an amazing time. That's the wonderful thing about visiting a wildlife santuary.

Koalas at Australia Walkabout Park

Language of the Australian bush

The animals all have their own language and it's easy for everyone to understand.

The bush offers such a rich sensory experience where smells and textures and tastes and sounds are so much more important than words.

Our rangers are experienced in guiding non-English speaking visitors.




Experienced rangers

If you have an interpreter with you, our rangers will ensure there is enough time to translate.

And if you don't have an interpreter, that is also ok. Your ranger will take the time to make sure you get to see and touch the animals, and smell and taste the bush. With a combination of demonstration and signing, we will make sure that you get the most out of your visit to Walkabout Park, no matter what language you usually speak. And maybe we can learn a few words from you.

International student guides

Walkabout Park hosts students from all over the world and there are usually a number of international students living and working at Walkabout Park, so we just may have someone on the team who speaks your language when you visit us.

We are also building up a library of written information in other languages for our visitors. Please feel free to contribute. You can send us information about your visit - we may be able to use it to help our next visitor from your country to enjoy their visit even more.


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