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Opening Days and Times

Open every day except Christmas Day.

Gates open at 9am and close at 5pm.

You do not need to book unless you want a private program or you want to visit outside of normal opening times.

Closed days

The ONLY day that we would normally be closed is Christmas Day. We are open on every other day including Public Holidays.

Unusual "closed" days

Since we opened in 2005, we have only had to close Walkabout Park on two occasions. The first time was on January 18th 2013 when Sydney experienced it's hottest day on record! Temperatures at Walkabout Park reached 48 degrees Celsius at 3:40pm. Rangers worked from 5am well into the night to keep the animals alive, packing their dens with fresh ice every two hours, moving animals that became too stressed into an airconditioned unit, and hosing down the free-ranging kangaroos, emus and birds (and themselves). The public were wonderful, dropping off bags of ice and bottles of frozen water throughout the day. One person brought us one frozen bottle - it was all she had in the freezer when she heard the call go out over the local radio station. Another person brought us 15 bags of ice that his wife sent him to buy for us from the local petrol station. Every bottle and ice-block counted and saved lives that day. Thanks to the rangers and our generous supporters, not one animal was lost. the second time we were forced to close the park was in the storms that started on 19th April 2015 when the Central Coast was hit by massive wind, hail, rain and flooding and was declared a disaster zone. Thanks to incredible support from the community including members of the public and even the NSW Local Land Services hiring and loaning us generators to keep the fox-proof fence fox-proof and essential services running, after only one day of clean-up we reopened to the public even though we had no power or phones for another week. It takes extaordinary conditions to make us close our gates. The animals are always here, and so are the staff, so whatever the weather, come and visit us!


Standard Gate Entry Prices

Includes daily ranger-led activities approximately half-hourly every day

Click to see the schedule of daily ranger-led activities

Our first daily ranger-led activity is at 9:30am, and the last activity starts at 4:15pm. Please note that, although these activities run almost every day, they are not guaranteed. We are a real working wildlife sanctuary and, as such, conditions can be unpredictable. We always put our animals' wellbeing first, second only to public safety. Very occasionally we have to change (or even cancel) some of our ranger-led activities with little or no notice when our rangers must attend to unexpected emergencies and so cannot mantain the regular program. This, however, is extremely rare. For example, last year, of our almost 5,000 ranger-led activities, fewer than 50 talks - i.e. less than 1% - were affected.

Standard Tickets - Gate Entry Only

$28.00 Adult
$16.00 Child - aged 3 to 15 years
No charge for Infant aged 0 to 2 years*
*Free Entry for infants is NOT available when attending a special program such as a group activity or evening tour. The price for infants will be as quoted for your special program.

Family Discounts

$56.00 Family - 1 Adult + 2 Children
$68.00 Family - 2 Adults + 1 Child
$80.00 Family - 2 Adults + 2 Children
$92.00 Family - 2 Adults + 3 Children
$104.00 Family - 2 Adults + 4 Children
$116.00 Family - 2 Adults + 5 Children
$128.00 Family - 2 Adults + 6 Children

Individual Discounts - must show proof of eligibilty for concession status

$24 - School Teacher - please give us your email address so we can send you information about our school programs
$24 - Full-time Student - on production of Student Card
$24 - Senior age 65 or over - on production of Senior's Card
$24 - Disability Pensioner - on production of Pension Card
No charge for one carer accompanying a disabled client who has a Companion Card*
*Free Entry for companion carers is NOT available when attending a special program such as a group activity or evening tour. The price for companions will be as quoted for your special program.

Annual Pass

If you plan to visit more than twice in the next 12 months, you may prefer to purchase an Annual Pass.

Click to read about an annual pass


Prices for Private Ranger Activities

You can book a Personal Ranger during the day so that you can have more up-close-and-personal time with the animals, or a ranger to guide you while exploring the park, and you can visit at your own pace instead of following the usual daily activities and animal encounters program.

Speed Dating

Click to read about speed dating

10 minutes ranger-led animal encounter with one animal of your choice outside of normal viewing times.

Add $45 for you and your friends - up to 3 people. (You do also need park entry or wild sleep out tickets)

Personal Ranger Hire

Click to read about personal ranger hire

Your own Personal Ranger to give you a special introduction to the animals, or to visit the Aboriginal sites, or learn about bush tucker, or to explore the bush off the tracks.

Add $135 per hour for you and your friends - up to 3 people. (You do also need park entry or wild sleep out tickets)

Ranger-for-a-Day (age 13+)

Click to read about being a ranger for a day

This is not a private tour pretending to be a day in the life of a ranger. This is a REAL experience where you get to work alongside a ranger for the day, experiencing what it is like to work with these magnificent animals. Participants aged 13 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

$165 per person. (Includes park entry)

How to book

Click to book online

If you have not pre-booked, please ask at reception. We may have a ranger available.

We do recommend pre-booking as Private Ranger Activities are subject to ranger availability. Either click on the "Book Online Visit Our Wildlife Sanctuary" button above, or email .


Groups, Events and Out-of-Hours Programs

Contact us for a quote if you want to book an evening, overnight or early morning ranger-led program, or a private day-time program for individuals or a group. These special programs are subject to availability, prices will be quoted on application, and bookings are essential.


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