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ONLINE OFFER ONLY: Your $25 Dine & Discover Vouchers can be worth $30!

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Dexter telling Bundy how to turn $25 into $30!

ONLINE OFFER ONLY: We can convert your $25 Dine or Discover voucher into a $30 Discover Wild Adventure!

That's a 20% return, guaranteed.

What you pay: Nothing! Just redeem one $25 Dine or Discover Voucher ONLINE

What you get: $30 to spend on anything at Walkabout Wildlife Sanctuary

Expiry date: 30 June 2022

How to make the exchange: Fill in your details below, we'll do the rest

Just fill in your details below, and we'll make it happen for you.

Once we have redeemed the voucher for you, we will send you your $30 Discover Wild Adventure Certificate that you can use when purchasing any Walkabout experience until 30 June 2022. You can put it towards entry tickets, a wild sleep out, a meal from our kiosk, a private ranger experience or speed date (meet the meerkats?) or in our gift shop. If the experience costs more than $30, you will only need to pay the difference.

Please note that if the voucher number you give us can't be redeemed through the Service NSW app, we will contact you to check why and to try to fix it. The electronic voucher codes generated by the Service NSW app only last for 10 minutes, then they change and we'll need to call you to get the updated code. Or it may be that we have the wrong voucher code e.g. using the letter "l" instead of the number "1", or you may have sent us the details for a voucher that has already been used. 

Processing will usually happen within 24 hours, but if you want to use it sooner, visit us with your voucher and if we haven't processed it before you arrive, we will do so when you get here. As long as you have applied online, we will redeem it for $30 when you arrive. If you have not applied online your voucher will be redeemed for $25 on entry.

Please make sure we have your correct phone number and email address in case we need to contact you.

Please note that we are unable to redeem more than 1 voucher type under the same name on the same day, so if you want to use more than 1 voucher on your name, we will need to process each voucher on a different day. You can use a Dine voucher and a Discover voucher on the same day. You just can't use two Dine or two Discover vouchers. However, if they are on different people's names, you can use as many of the same type as you like.

Your Dine & Discover Voucher worth $30 for 1 year
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Please note that the DD voucher codes on the NSW Service app refresh (and change) every 10 minutes. If your code changes before we can redeem it, we will phone you for a new code. There is a better way, though. If you get the code from the PDF attached to the confirmation email you got from Service NSW when you first registered for the vouchers, these codes (the codes in the PDF attachment) don't change. The same applies to the codes on the vouchers that Service NSW prints out for you if you go into one of their offices.
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