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Leaf-Curling Spider - Phonognatha graeffei

Family Tetragnathidae ~ These spiders cleverly weave a leaf or other object into the centre of their webs as a hide-away from birds and other predators. Leaves are curled to form a funnel that the spider can hide inside. They have also been seen to use old snail shells are discarded pieces of paper.

Although you will often find them clustered in the same area, each spider has its own web. Egg sacs are protected inside a leaf or other object outside the web. Like other web-weaving spiders, their main food source is flying insects.

Interesting Facts

The females are approx. 8mm long and the males measure 5mm. The males and females look very similar with red-brown legs and body and a cream coloured pattern on their backs. Their bodies are fat and oval shaped with long legs.

It is extremely rare for these spiders to bite humans. A bite may cause a local reaction with pain and swelling, but is not considered dangerous.


They are found throughout Australia.

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