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Eastern Water Dragon - Physignathus lesueurii lesueurii

Eastern Water Dragons are dark brown to light brown with mature males bearing a brighter orange chest. It is easy to recognise them by their distinctive black band that is present along each side of the head behind the eyes. These are very common in this area often seen basking in the sun on a rock, near water. They also can be seen climbing in trees overhanging or near water, usually their hiding spot is discovered once disturbed and they plop into the water making splashes as they run away.

If a persistent predator is present they will stay under water for up to 60 minutes, which usually fools the predator into thinking it has fled the scene.

The Eastern Water Dragon during the cooler months finds a log or rock and makes a burrow underneath it, mud is packed to seal off the entrance and there it stays until spring, when the weather becomes warmer.

These lizards are quite large growing up to 80cm long they are very territorial animals and will fight if another male enters its territory inflicting deep wounds in some cases.

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