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Diamond Python - Morelia spilota spilota

This attractive python is dark brown to black in colour with cream to yellow irregular spots that sometimes take the shape of diamonds. It is yellow to cream underneath.

This snake usually grows to approx. 2-3 metres in length and is common in the Sydney region, particularly in areas with rock formations. This snake is nocturnal but can be seen basking in afternoon sun or on the roads at night following a warm day. Although non-venomous, it can make a nasty bite with its curved teeth, which sometimes break off and remain in the victim.

It kills its prey by coiling around it, making its coil slightly tighter after each breath and eventually suffocating the prey item.

The shedded skins of these pythons are often found in the middle of suburbia ,which unnerves people living in the area. However, these snakes are not venomous and can keep the mouse and rat populations down in areas it inhabits.

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