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Sand quarries and motorways

Sand quarries and motorways are contentious.

People need shelter and to be able to move about. But extracting sand for building, and building roads for transport, causes massive damage to the environment. Surface destruction is dangerous to animals that may be caught in its path. And ultimately, people are animals too and the long term risk - if we get it wrong - to the survival of our own species is not insignificant.

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Feral Facts

Introduced animals have changed the Australian environment forever.

The term "feral" means a domesticated animal that has escaped into the wild and is now causing a problem. We sometimes refer to foxes as "feral" but this is a misnomer as the fox had never been domesticated or 'tamed'.

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Habitat Matters

The Walkabout Park team is committed to habitat preservation.

There are so many reasons why we need to keep the bush healthy. The bush as habitat, the home for wildlife, is essential if we are to save our animals from extinction. The bush is critical for natural carbon exchange and weather, so habitat loss is even putting the human species at risk.

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Australia Walkabout wildlife Park's Vegetation

Nine vegetation communities.

Animals, like people, need food, shelter, fresh air and water and to be able to get from place to place. A balanced eco-system including a healthy natural bush environment provides all of the essential needs of life.

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Animals in the Bush

Meet mammals, monotremes, birds, reptiles, frogs, insects and spiders.

Our animals are not in cages. Nearly half of Walkabout Park's 170 acres is protected by feral predator proof fencing, so the animals thrive in their natural habitat, safe from the dangers introduced by people - foxes, cats, dogs and cars.

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Park Entry Prices

For group programs or for a private ranger-led tour, contact us for a quote.

Standard Tickets
Child - aged 3 to 15 years
Family Discounts
Family - 2 adults + 2 children
Extra child - with $70 Family Pass
Free Entry - eligibility conditions apply
No charge
No charge
Child - aged 0 to 2 years
Carer with Companion Card - accompanying disabled client
$20 Discount Tickets - must show ID Card
20% off Standard Adult Rate
20% off Standard Adult Rate
20% off Standard Adult Rate
20% off Standard Adult Rate


Ranger-led activities

Admission price includes daily ranger-led activities.

Please check with us as program may change.


Time What's on





Meet Waffles the Pig
Meet the mob: Kangaroos & Emus
Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat

Boomerang throwing
Dingo encounter
Koala encounter
Pat a Python
Echidna encounter
Night Hunters - Predator Birds

Tasmanian Devil encounter
Koala feed-time
Bare-Nosed Wombat encounter
Bush Tucker & Bush Medicine
Aboriginal Sites visit (only on
weekends & holidays)

Meet the mob: Kangaroos & Emus
Flying Fox introduction

0:00 Wild Emu and Kangaroo Feeding
10:30 Meet Billy Bilby
11:00 Koala Talk
11:30 Meet a Dingo
12:00 Boomerang Throwing
12:30 Pat a Python
1:00 Bush Tucker & Bush Medicine (weekends & holidays only)
1.00 Bush-Ochre Face Painting and Bunny Fun in the Farmyard
1:45 Lizards, Turtles and Dragons
2:15 Tazzie Devil Feeding 
2.30 Quoll Feeding
2:45 Koala Feeding
3:15 Flying Fox Feeding
3:30 Wombat Feeding
4:00 Wild Emu and Kangaroo Feeding
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