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Quarry threatens Walkabout Park

On 24 December 2013 the NSW Planning Dept approved Rocla NZ's sand quarry next door to Walkabout Park. Walkabout Park is appealing the decision to the Land & Environment Court. Imagine the noise and dust from the 30 meters deep crater, in full view of Walkabout Park's visitors, with massive rock crushing equipment from 6am to 10pm, even on Saturdays. PLUS they will crush up the sandstone aquifer 'sponge' that holds the water store, remove critically endangered eco-systems and threatened species' habitat, and destroy Calga's ancient Aboriginal cultural landscape.

This is going to be a very expensive exercise but we are convinced that it is a fight worth fighting.
All donation amounts are gratefully received. Even the smallest donation will make a difference.

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The Walkabout Wildlife Conservation Foundation was set up in 2013 to support Walkabout Park's conservation efforts. As at January 2014, the Foundation is still in the process of applying for tax deductible gift status, so your donation is NOT tax deductable at this time. If this matters to you, please contact us in case we have an update on when the tax deductable status will be achieved. As at January 2014 we expect that this will be achieved before the end of the year.



Opening times

Open every day except Christmas Day.eee

Day time visitors do not need to book

Open at 9am - Every day

Close at 5pm - Every day

Evening and overnight experiences 
must be pre-booked

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Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

1 Darkinjung Road, cnr Peats Ridge Road, Calga, NSW Australia 2250 • Phone (02) 43751100 • Outside Aus +61 2 43751100 • Fax (02) 43751257

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Park Entry Prices

For group programs or for a private ranger-led tour, contact us for a quote.

Standard Tickets
Child - aged 3 to 15 years
Family Discounts
Family - 2 adults + 2 children
Extra child - with $70 Family Pass
Free Entry - eligibility conditions apply
No charge
No charge
Child - aged 0 to 2 years
Carer with Companion Card - accompanying disabled client
$20 Discount Tickets - must show ID Card
20% off Standard Adult Rate
20% off Standard Adult Rate
20% off Standard Adult Rate
20% off Standard Adult Rate


Ranger-led activities

Admission price includes daily ranger-led activities.

Please check with us as program may change.


Time What's on





Meet Waffles the Pig
Meet the mob: Kangaroos & Emus
Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat

Boomerang throwing
Dingo encounter
Koala encounter
Pat a Python
Echidna encounter
Night Hunters - Predator Birds

Tasmanian Devil encounter
Koala feed-time
Bare-Nosed Wombat encounter
Bush Tucker & Bush Medicine
Aboriginal Sites visit (only on
weekends & holidays)

Meet the mob: Kangaroos & Emus
Flying Fox introduction

0:00 Wild Emu and Kangaroo Feeding
10:30 Meet Billy Bilby
11:00 Koala Talk
11:30 Meet a Dingo
12:00 Boomerang Throwing
12:30 Pat a Python
1:00 Bush Tucker & Bush Medicine (weekends & holidays only)
1.00 Bush-Ochre Face Painting and Bunny Fun in the Farmyard
1:45 Lizards, Turtles and Dragons
2:15 Tazzie Devil Feeding 
2.30 Quoll Feeding
2:45 Koala Feeding
3:15 Flying Fox Feeding
3:30 Wombat Feeding
4:00 Wild Emu and Kangaroo Feeding
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