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Wild New Party Adventure Packages

No hidden costs! Everything included!
Choose from 5 different adventures

Wild Walkabout • Reptile Rampage • Cuddly Critters • Farmyard Friends • Bugs Ballistic

Perfect for kids from 3 to 15 years old, and yes, ask us about our grown up party adventures too.

Under an hour from almost anywhere, Walkabout Park is situated on the northern outskirts of Sydney (just near the Hawksbury River on the Central Coast). And there's no cleaning up afterwards, just an easy drive home with the children tired, happy and with so much to talk about.

You've done McDonalds. You've done home parties and cleaned up afterwards. You've even done the zoo. So now its time for something completely different! A bush adventure in the great outdoors, learning all about the world around us.

A birthday party packed full of fun with your own ranger to entertain the children, and the grown-ups too.
Go walkabout with your own ranger, through the bush with the friendliest wild animals in Australia.
Party in a real working wildlife sanctuary. Your ranger will make sure that this is one very special day for kids and grownup alike!
Whichever adventure you choose, all parties are adjusted to be age-appropriate, and whichever adventure you choose, it will include...
  1. Park entry for 3 Adults and 12 Children (yes you can exchange 2 child places for 1 adult place, and vice versa)
  2. A 2 hour ranger-led adventure program with your own dedicated ranger
  3. Boomerang throwing
  4. Making ochre face paint and getting painted up for your adventure
  5. Making bush soap from the plants to wash your hands before you eat
  6. 15 bags of petting zoo food to feed to the farm animals
  7. One free ticket for each child guest to return to visit Walkabout Park on another date


Adventure 1: "Reptile Rampage"


  1. Get hands-on with all things scaly and slithery
  2. Let our rangers introduce you to different types of pythons, dragons, lizards and turtles
  3. Learn ‘Snake Sense’, what to do if you meet a snake in the bush
  4. Python Parade: The latest fashion for boys and girls, a diamond python will add a sparkle to anything you wear
  5. Water Magic: Turtles and dragons, these dragons may not breathe fire but they’re still really cool, watch the turtles chasing tadpoles in the rock pools
  6. A Lizard’s Tale: Everything you should know about the lizards that lie around in your garden

Adventure 2: "Cuddly Critters"


  1. Meet the koalas
  2. Get to know a monotreme, spiky echidna is awfully friendly
  3. Visit Australia’s cute little Easter Bilby, better than any bunny
  4. What has it got in its pocketses? Animals with pouches, pat the roos and learn how they care for their baby joeys
  5. Visit Ally the wombat - she's usually relaxing in her window-bed after a hard night wombling around outside
  6. Get 'nose-to-nose' with a Koala
  7. Say "Hi" to Ralph the very friendly ring-tail possum


Adventure 3: "Wild Walkabout"


  1. Go on a bush walk with your own ranger
  2. Find bush tucker (food) growing in the bush
  3. Track animals through the bush
  4. Meet the friendliest wild animals in Australia (but remember, they are wild).
  5. Say hello to the emus, wallabies, kangaroos and all their other animal friends
  6. Look for wild turtles in the frog ponds
  7. Listen to an Aboriginal Dreamtime story about the animals

Adventure 4: "Farmyard Friends"

  1. Meet Waffles the Pig and his friends
  2. Feed Monty and Milo the goats, and Machu and Picchu the alpacas
  3. Visit the rabbits and guinea pigs
  4. Collect eggs from the chickens and ducks
  5. Help the rangers to take some of the farm animals for a walk
  6. Using kid-sized farm tools, clean up the farmyard
  7. Scrub out the cubby houses and put in clean straw for the animals to nest in

Adventure 5: "Bugs Ballistic"

  1. A Summer (only) adventure when the bugs are out and about
  2. Study the various species of ants always hard at work in the park
  3. Look for termites to feed to Likka the echidna and yes, you can eat them too
  4. Find native bees and taste some native bee honey
  5. Look out for the many different types of spiders in their webs and hollows
  6. Learn about Aboriginal medicine for insect stings, cuts and warts
  7. See how many stick insects the birthday child can balance on his head

Planning your party is so easy, just follow these 5 easy steps

01Choose your Wildlife Adventure:

Reptile Rampage (adventure 1)
Cuddly Critters (adventure 2)
Wild Walkabout (adventure 3)
Farmyard Friends (adventure 4)
Bugs Ballistic (adventure 5 - Summer only)

02Choose the date:

Call us on 43751100 to make sure your date is available
A $100 deposit will reserve the date for you

03Choose your party time and any extras:

Aim to arrive at least 20 minutes before start time
so that we can be sure to start on time and not miss any of the fun.

Party with full ranger-led adventure (no 'extras') - $400
Morning party 11am to 1pm - arrive at 10:40am
Afternoon party 1:30pm to 3:30pm - arrive at 1:10pm

If you choose catering - add $150 and half an hour
Catering includes up to 30 sausage sizzle sandwiches with sauce and 5 liters of soft drink.
The sausage sizzle is served at 1pm so...
Morning party 11am to 1:30pm - arrive at 10:40am, ends with sausage sizzle
Afternoon party 1pm to 3:30pm - arrive at 12:40pm, starts with sausage sizzle

If you choose a birthday cake - add $100
We make traditional home-baked cakes with butter icing, fresh baked the day before your party
Animal-shaped, the proportions are difficult to describe but each cake is approximately the size of two shop-bought 'box' cakes and will serve approximately 25 people
Choose from our speciality cakes - KOALA or PYTHON
Candles included

If you choose to paint take-home boomerangs - add $150 and half an hour
Up to 15 boomerangs
Morning party 10:30am to 1pm - arrive at 10:10am
Afternoon party 1:30pm to 4pm - arrive at 1:10pm

04Choose if you want extra guests:

Your Party Package includes park entry and a 2 hour ranger-led wildlife adventure workshop for 3 adults and 12 children (and yes, you can exchange 2 child places for 1 adult place, and vice versa).
You do need to pay for all party guests, including infants.

Who pays for extra guests?
Discounted party guests' entry fees only apply if paid for in a lump sum, or if you give us a list of the guests' names in advance in which case we can tick off their names and collect payment from each extra guest as they arrive.
Please let us know at time of booking if you will be paying for them, or if you will be telling them that you have arranged discounted entry for them and they will pay for themselves.

Only IF you have extra guests the following extra costs apply...
Extra adults - $15 each
Extra children aged 3 to 15 - $10 each
Extra children aged 0 to 2 - $5 each
Extra sausage sandwiches - $5 each
Extra boomerangs to paint - $10 each

05Print out your party invitations:

pdf fileClick here to download invitations with driving directions

What makes parties at Walkabout Park so special?
Instead of clowns, we've got rangers, and they're a whole lot more fun
Instead of a jumping castle, we've got acres of bush filled with friendly animals
Instead of lollies, we go on a bush tucker walkabout (ok we can provide lolly bags too)
Instead of face-paint out of a tube, we grind up ochre like the Aboriginal people did
Instead of neighbours, we've got 80 acres of bush to explore and no-one to complain about the noise
Instead of the same old party games, we play bush games that you won't be able to stop talking about
And that's about as special as you'll get!

What to wear and bring
Bring a water bottle, or buy bottled water in our shop
If it is raining, bring your rain gear as the fun never stops at Walkabout Park
Wear sensible closed walking shoes
Bring sunscreen and insect repellant

Reserving a date
Parties at Walkabout Park are popular so be sure to book well in advance, especially if you want a Saturday or Sunday. A $90 deposit is required to confirm the booking, with the balance payable on the day of your party. Once we receive your deposit we reserve the date for you even if it means turning other business away, so the deposit is not refundable except in exceptional circumstances. But you can change the date with 24 hours or more notice.

And don't forget the grown-ups. If it all gets too much, you can escape to the café with its wonderful wrap-around veranda. Take a quiet moment to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Birthday Parties ~ Prices

Park Entry and Ranger-led Workshop for 3 adults and 12 children
You can substitute 2 kids for 1 adult, and vice versa
Up to 30 sausage sizzle sandwiches, 5 liters soft drink add $150
Up to 15 boomerangs to paint and take home add $150
Koala or Snake Cake add $100
Only IF you want to bring extra guests, the following charges apply... 
      Extra adults $15 each
      Extra children aged 3 to 15 $10 each
      Extra children aged 0 to 2 $  5 each
      Extra "paint your own boomerangs" $10 each
      Extra sausage sandwiches $  5 each


For more information:
Ph: (02) 4375 1100
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening times

Open every day except Christmas Day.eee

Day time visitors do not need to book

Open at 9am - Every day

Close at 5pm - Every day

Evening and overnight experiences 
must be pre-booked

Contact us

Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

1 Darkinjung Road, cnr Peats Ridge Road, Calga, NSW Australia 2250 • Phone (02) 43751100 • Outside Aus +61 2 43751100 • Fax (02) 43751257

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Park Entry Prices

For group programs or for a private ranger-led tour, contact us for a quote.

Standard Tickets
Child - aged 3 to 15 years
Family Discounts
Family - 2 adults + 2 children
Extra child - with $70 Family Pass
Free Entry - eligibility conditions apply
No charge
No charge
Child - aged 0 to 2 years
Carer with Companion Card - accompanying disabled client
$20 Discount Tickets - must show ID Card
20% off Standard Adult Rate
20% off Standard Adult Rate
20% off Standard Adult Rate
20% off Standard Adult Rate


Ranger-led activities

Admission price includes daily ranger-led activities.

Please check with us as program may change.


Time What's on





Meet Waffles the Pig
Meet the mob: Kangaroos & Emus
Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat

Boomerang throwing
Dingo encounter
Koala encounter
Pat a Python
Echidna encounter
Night Hunters - Predator Birds

Tasmanian Devil encounter
Koala feed-time
Bare-Nosed Wombat encounter
Bush Tucker & Bush Medicine
Aboriginal Sites visit (only on
weekends & holidays)

Meet the mob: Kangaroos & Emus
Flying Fox introduction

0:00 Wild Emu and Kangaroo Feeding
10:30 Meet Billy Bilby
11:00 Koala Talk
11:30 Meet a Dingo
12:00 Boomerang Throwing
12:30 Pat a Python
1:00 Bush Tucker & Bush Medicine (weekends & holidays only)
1.00 Bush-Ochre Face Painting and Bunny Fun in the Farmyard
1:45 Lizards, Turtles and Dragons
2:15 Tazzie Devil Feeding 
2.30 Quoll Feeding
2:45 Koala Feeding
3:15 Flying Fox Feeding
3:30 Wombat Feeding
4:00 Wild Emu and Kangaroo Feeding
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