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perons tree frog

Peron's Tree Frog ~ Litoria peronii

This frog is also known as an Emerald Spotted Tree Frog and grows to approx. 5cm.

This species is found throughout New South Wales and Southern Queensland and is very common in the areas it inhabits. This species is often found in areas far from a body of water. Males make their call around breeding sites, which are close to water. The call is like a chuckle or cackle, which makes it easily distinguished from other frog species. These frogs are rarely sighted in the cooler months but are commonly seen in the warm, wetter months of spring.

The Peron’s Tree Frog is brown to grey in colour, with white underparts. It has green spots across the dorsal region with yellow thighs and groins. Colour changes dramatically depending on conditions, males turning a yellow colour during the breeding season.

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