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eastern dwarf tree frog

Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog ~ Litoria fallax

This frog is small, as its name describes, growing to a tiny 2.5cm at adult size. This species is common and is found around bodies of freshwater.

The Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog is usually found on reeds in water. However, it has been found a fair distance from a body of water. They are hard to find in cooler months, but very active during the warmer months where their call can be heard during the day and the night. Its call sounds like ‘reeee eek eek, reeek eek eek eek’ repeated several times.

The Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog's colour varies from a pale brown to a light green to a dark green on top with a distinctive white stripe along the upper lip. A good indicator of the species is the orange groin region.

A similar species is the Leaf Green Tree Frog (Litoria phyllochroa), but this species can be distinguished by the white stripe on its upper lip and its much smaller size.

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