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    Mammal Varieties

    Australia has very strange mammals. Aside from placental mammals (baby develops in uterus) found all over the word, Australia also has marsupials (joeys develop in pouch) and monotremes (egg laying).



    Australia's Birds

    Our birds are just as unusual as our other animals. Colourful cockatoos talk, lyre birds mimic any noise including a chainsaw, and giant flightless emus and cassowaries stand as tall as an adult human.



    Reptiles & Frogs

    Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles, frogs and friends. These animals have developed amazing adaptations to thrive in extreme conditions, from deserts to rainforests, oceans and waterways.

    Reptilia Amphibians


    Insects & Spiders

    Bugs are also wildlife. Insects, spiders and worms are so tiny we often don't notice their complex social structures as these fascinating creatures play critical roles in keeping the planet healthy.

    Arthropods Arachnids


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    Roaming Free

    Fox-proofed sanctuary for friendly wildlife. This 80 acres of bush habitat is the perfect home for kangaroos, wallabies, emus, possums, gliders, pythons, turtles, lizards, goannas, cockatoos, frogs and more.

    Wildlife at Walkabout Park


    Natural Camps

    Natural camps for animals needing more care. Meet koalas, dingoes, owls, flying foxes, echidnas, wombats, bilbies, Tasmanian devils, quolls, echidnas, pythons, cockatoos and more.


    CentralNettedDragon th

    Special Care

    Animals needing most attention, at the Visitor Centre. Meet dragons, lizards, skinks, geckoes and pythons. Some animals need special care e.g. if they are not feeding properly, or if very small.


    GoatsJuvenile th

    Mini Farmyard

    Micro-Petting Zoo for farm and pet animals. Visit the alpacas, goats, rabbits, chickens, guinnea pigs and Waffles the Pig. Buy feed for the petting zoo - funds raised help pay for the animals' care.

    Walkabout Park's Farm Animals


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    Open Every Day

    Lots of animals roaming free, visit ancient Aboriginal sites. No booking needed. 9am to 5pm every day (except Christmas Day). Ranger-led activities from 10am to 4pm included in Entry Fee.

    Visitor Information
    DingoesX2ISV th

    Personal Ranger

    A wonderful experience, hire your own ranger. With your own ranger you can go behind the scenes and off the tracks. Enjoy some special animal one-on-one time, or private bush lessons.

    Hire Your Own Ranger
    KoalaSleeping th

    Private Groups

    A ranger-led adventure with your choice of activities. Tailored to your interests, energy level and budget. Coffee with the animals, an easy bush walk, or something more strenous. Short visits, or stay all day.

    Tailored Group Tours
    PythonManDavidNgoPhotography copy

    Day Ranger

    Team up with a ranger and be a "Ranger for a Day". This is not a soft option, this is the real thing. Arrive ready for a real day's work. Bring your camera and water bottle. For adults and teenagers only.

    Be a Ranger for a Day


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    Nocturnal Tours

    The Australian bush comes alive after dark. Arrive after the park closes for the night. Watch the sun set over Mt White. Go walkabout with your ranger to meet the gentle night creatures. Picnic under the gum trees.

    Dusk & After Dark Tours
    CottageInteriorByLinnet th


    Self-contained eco-cabins with a little luxury. Go to sleep and wake up with the animals. Nocturnal and morning ranger-led tours. Hands-on up-close-and-personal wildlife experience.

    Cabin & Nocturnal Encounters
    WSOCampsite th


    Comfortable camping under canvas. For those who want the adventure but not the hassle. Ranger-led activities, large tent, showers, campfire and breakfast included. Picnic dinner optional.

    Ranger-led Wild Sleep Out
    Sunset th

    Bush Survival

    True blue overnight Aussie bush experience. This is not a comfortable camp-out and no, there are no showers. Learn bush survival skills. Find bush tucker, harvest bush medicine and make bush tools.

    Learn to Live off the Land


  • kids-workshops-HM

    Birthday Parties

    Celebrate with a ranger-led animal adventure in the bush. Great for all ages. Choose a "Fuzzy Friends", "Reptile Rampage" or "Wild Walkabout" adventure with your own personal ranger.

    Children's Birthday Parties

    product shot4-230x170

    Vacation Care

    School holiday fun for groups of 10 or more. Ranger-led walkabout workshops "Spikes, Scales, Feathers and Fur" and "Aboriginal Bush Skills". Choose one or both modules. Designed for ages 4 to 14.

    School Holiday Workshops


    Schools, Scouts

    Walkabout workshops and lessons from the bush. A safe bush adventure. Bush walks, Aboriginal sites, Dreamtime stories, friendly wildlife. Optional syllabus-based and badge workshops.

    Excursions & Badgework

    Wild Night Out Camping at Australia Wildlife Walkabout Park

    Bed in the Bush

    Kids' overnight camp with ranger-led nocturnal tour. The tents are pitched and the campsite is set up ready for you. Dinner and breakfast included. Combination of animal and bush activities.

    Overnight Kids' Camps


  • BushToHorizon th

    Aussie Bush

    Walk through nine different vegetation communities. The plants of Australia, like the animals, have evolved amazing adaptations to survive on this harsh continent. Go walkabout to experience the bush.

    Different Habitat Areas

    BushfireISV 2012 th

    Bush Fire

    Walkabout Park is at lower risk of bushfire. Situated right on the main Tourist Drive and just off the M1 (F3), these wide roads not only protect us, but also provide direct access and exit routes.

    Cost-Benefits of Bushfire

    SandQuarry2005 th

    Land Clearing

    The greatest cause of extinction of plants and animals. Animals need their natural habitat to survive in any meaningful way. To save animals to live in zoos would be tragically pointless.

    Rocla Sand Quarry Threat
    Wollemi th

    Wollemi Pines

    This living fossil has been around since the dinosaurs. Less than 20 survive in the wild in a secret protected location. Wollemi Pines, once natural in Calga, are being reintroduced at Walkabout Park.

    Walkabout Park's Wollemis


  • Bushtuckerbasket th copy

    Bush Tucker

    and Bush Medicine walkabout. Ancient indigenous culture teaches us how to live with the land - sustainably. The Australian bush contains everything we need - food, medicine, tools and shelter.

    Bush Tucker
    didgeridoos th

    Dance & Didge

    "The Ganang Spirit Dancers". Walkabout Park is home ground for this gifted group of child dancers and didgeridoo players, where they study the animals to perfect their dance movements.

    The Didgeridoo
    boomerang th


    bullroarer and traditional tools. Check the daily activities schedule - on most days you can hear the bullroarer and throw a boomerang. Or, to learn more, you might prefer to hire a personal ranger.

    Darkinjung History
    SitesEmuDaramulan th

    Aboriginal Place

    Calga is an ancient Aboriginal Learning Place. Take a self-guided walk across the cultural landscape to visit some of the sites, or hire a ranger to take you on an interpretive walkaboutabout.

    Aboriginal Sites


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    Primary & High School Excursions

    When you book a school excursion with us, you have the option of a free visit prior to the excursion so that you can experience the park and talk to our education officer and rangers about your requirements.

    Our school workshops deliver NSW Department of Education prescribed learning outcomes. Choose from our range of standard modules which cover wildlife and animal encounters, Aboriginal sites, Aboriginal tools, shelters, bush tucker & bush medicine and bush skills. Or we can tailor a syllabus-based or subject-specific workshop for you.

    New Year Special: Click to request a quote today and we will help you to raise funds for your excursion. When you confirm your booking we will send you 2 Family Passes which you can use as an incentive or prize.

    A daytime double-module Walkabout Workshop with Aboriginal content and animal encounters is $16.50 per student for 30 or more students.

    The Bed in the Bush overnight program is $77 per student for 15 or more students, with optional afternoon and second night extensions.

    Click "continue reading" to download an information pack or request a quote.

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  • chinese epoch times 2015 jan CROP THUMB

    Chinese New Year 4713 begins on 19 February 2015!

    We wish all of our Chinese friends and supporters happiness, prosperity and good health! As we say goodbye to the year of the horse, and look forward to the year of the sheep, the team at Walkabout Park is thinking about all of our wonderful friends, both people AND animals.

    Click here for the Epoch Times Chinese news newspaper button.

    Click here for the the Epoch Times in English newspaper button.

    Check back later for Sydney Photographic Workshop Dates coming soon to Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park.

 What's On & Latest News

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    Annual Passes Saving Animals

    An annual pass is a great way to contribute to saving endangered species. While you visit and get to know the animals at Walkabout Park, your membership fee helps to fund the Walkabout Park team's ongoing "conservation through education" work.

    New Year Special: Click to request a quote today and save $20. We will waive the administration fee!

    For around the price of 3 visits, you can buy an Annual Pass giving you all day access to visit Walkabout Park as many times as you like during the year, plus Wild Child membership with special offers and discounts. You also get 10% discount on park entry and other experiences for friends and family visiting with you.

    Click "Continue Reading" to see prices or to request a quote.

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Opening times

Open every day except Christmas Day.

Day time visitors do not need to book

Open at 9am - Every day

Close at 5pm - Every day

Evening and overnight experiences 
must be pre-booked

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Park entry prices

For group programs or for a private ranger-led tour, contact us for a quote.

Price Ticket
No charge
Disability with card
Student with card

Child aged 3 to 15 years
Infant aged 2 and under
Family of 2 adults + 2 children
Extra child (only with full-priced Family Pass)
Discount Eligibility

No charge

Teacher with ID - off full adult rate
Senior's Card - off full adult rate
Carer with Companion Card - accompanying disabled client

Ranger-led activities

Admission price includes daily ranger-led activities.

Please check with us as program may change.

Time What's on





Alpaca walkabout
Emu & kangaroo feed-time

Dingo encounter
Boomerang throwing
Cockatoo encounter
Koala encounter
Pat a python
Piglet walkabout
Bunny fun

Quoll encounter
Tasmanian devil encounter
Koala feed-time
Bush tucker & bush medicine
Aboriginal sites visit (only on
weekends & holidays)

Emu & kangaroo feed-time
Flying fox feed-time
Wombat feed time

0:00 Wild Emu and Kangaroo Feeding
10:30 Meet Billy Bilby
11:00 Koala Talk
11:30 Meet a Dingo
12:00 Boomerang Throwing
12:30 Pat a Python
1:00 Bush Tucker & Bush Medicine (weekends & holidays only)
1.00 Bush-Ochre Face Painting and Bunny Fun in the Farmyard
1:45 Lizards, Turtles and Dragons
2:15 Tazzie Devil Feeding 
2.30 Quoll Feeding
2:45 Koala Feeding
3:15 Flying Fox Feeding
3:30 Wombat Feeding
4:00 Wild Emu and Kangaroo Feeding
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